Today I want to tell you my opinion about the Cultural Dimensions of Argentina and Paraguay. Both of them are beautiful countries and have similar cultures. Read and learn more about them!!

In South America these two countries are the only ones that have Lower Power Distance Culture. The other South American countries have High Power Distance. According to Geert Hofstede Argentina is in the middle between being a High Power distance Culture and a Lower Power Distance Culture but I don’t agree with him I think that is only a Lower Power Distance culture.

I think that Argentina and also Paraguay have a Lower Power Distance Culture because there the subordinates are entrusted with important assignments, the blame when something bad happen is shared and the superior accept his responsibility, all the employees and superiors socialize a lot.

For example, we have a lot of parties for superiors, subordinates and have fun all together. I really like our culture because we are really friendly. We relate to each other as equals, no one is more than anybody.

Hofstede said that Argentina is in the middle between the individualism and collectivism and that has the most individualistic society of South America and I agree with him, on the other hand, I considered that Paraguay has a collectivist society.

In Argentina many times the word “I” is more important than “We”, they also many times pursue individual goals at the expense of others. However, they still have many collectivist characteristics. Some of them are that opinion of their families and obligations towards them still count.

In Paraguay the word “We” is more important than “I”. For example, we always think first what is best for the group no what is best for us. Other example is that our family is the most important thing in our lives. A famous Paraguayan phrase is “Family always come first”. We think in our family before doing everything.

Both, Argentina and Paraguay, have more masculine than feminine elements. We have really competitive societies. We want to have success and also to be the best in everything. We have a masculine culture so we have differences between men and women.

One of the best improvements in Argentina is that now they have their first woman President, which is a big goal for a masculine society. In Paraguay that is still not possible, every time that a woman presents her as a candidate she loses.

I also agree with Hofstede when we said that Argentina has high uncertainty avoidance culture. I think that Paraguay also has a high uncertainty avoidance culture. Both countries have a really homogeneous population.

We need rules and elaborate legal systems. The government adds rules every day, but they are really weak. We don’t like unknown and unusual circumstances. We feel really comfortable in structured and familiar situations.

We like to know everything, when an unusual circumstances appear we feel frustrate and many people can get angry. Many times when something unexpected occurred we don’t know what to do. We always want to control the things that will happen in the future.

I hope that you learn more about Argentina and Paraguay! What do you think about our culture?  In what dimensions your country is different or similar? I want to know all about your countries culture; I will wait anxiously for your comments!!


Argentina Grunge Flag” by Nicolas Raymond (CC BY 2.0)

7383472952_5ed621af1d_o (1)

Paraguay Grunge Flag ” by Nicolas Raymond (CC BY 2.0)



  1. Hi, Tatiana. I know something about Argentina. But I do not know its culture very much. Especially Argentina’s society. From your article, I think I can understand a little of Argentina and Paraguay. I think you put two flags in your blog is a good idea. It can make your blog more specific. I like your blog!!!

  2. Thank you for your introductions. I not only learn cultures about Paraguay, but also know something about Argentina through reading your post. According to you, Paraguay owns a low power distance, half individual, masculine and high uncertainty avoidance culture. In fact, I think that it is different from my country. Cultures are colorful. That is one of the reasons why our lives are not monotonous:) Thank you again!

  3. After reading your blog, I’m looking forward to visiting your beautiful country! Just like your country, in my country China, it is very hard for women to have a position in political field.

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