Today I will tell you about Google Apps, which is a service from Google providing independently customizable versions of several Google products. Google Apps has several applications: Gmail, Google Groups, Google Calendar, Google Talk, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Play, Google Docs, Google News, Google Wallet and Google Sites.

I will explain more about Google Drive and Google Docs, which I think are the most important.

First, I will tell you about Google Drive, that is a file storage and synchronization service provide by Google. Having Google Drive enables cloud storage, file sharing and collaborative editing. It was released on April 24, 2012. To enjoy all the benefits of Google Drive you need to use Google’s Chrome Browser.

Google Drive lets you store and access your files anywhere like on the web or on your hard drive. Your files are always waiting for you at your Google Drive, but you can also get them straight from your computer, smartphone, and tablet. Any time your device has Internet access, it checks in with Google Drive. That ensures your files and folders are always up to date. Change something on one device and it changes everywhere.

Google Drive lets you choose exactly who, friends, family, colleagues, gets your files. You don’t need email attachments anymore. Just share your file, folder, or Google Doc from any device. No matter what happens to your devices, your files are safely stored in Google Drive. You can store practically everything for next to nothing. You can use Google Drive to store all file types, including documents, presentations, music, photos, and videos. You can open many file types right in your browser, including PDFs, Microsoft Office files, high-definition video, and many image file types, even if you don’t have the corresponding program installed on your computer. Google Drive provides many ways to view, find, and sort your files.

And now I will tell you about Google Docs, that is a freeware web-based office suite. Google Docs is a part of Google Drive. It lets you create and format text documents and collaborate with other people in real time.

The things that  you can do with Google Docs are upload a Word document and convert it to a Google document; add flair and formatting to your documents by adjusting margins, spacing, fonts, and colors; invite other people to collaborate on a document with you, giving them edit, comment or view access; collaborate online in real time and chat with other collaborators; download a Google document to your desktop as a Word, OpenOffice, RTF, PDF, HTML or zip file; translate a document to a different language; email your documents to other people as attachments

I think that they are really good and useful. I recommend that everyone should use them!! If you have more information about them please comment and tell me about what you know, and if you use it!!!

Here I give two tutorials about Google Drive and Google Docs!!

“Google Drive”by Federico Mendoza (CC BY 2.0)

“Google Docs Morphing into Google Drive” by Belen Zheng (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)


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