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I think that is really good to use Google Drive and Google Docs for Education. They have many benefits, and help a lot to the professors and students. They make the class works a lot easier. I have many reasons why I think this.

There are many reasons why professors and students need to start using Google Drive, from building a self-grading quiz to simply reducing the amount of paper used in your classroom. First, I recommend using it as a useful tool for project-based learning where students can collaborate in real time, hold chats, and even finalize a project from different locations.

Google Drive lets students and teachers use it anywhere. Also, there is an offline mode for Google Drive so you don’t even need a web connection to keep your online collaboration document or project humming along.

It is also compatible with Microsoft Office products so fear not. You can download your project as any format – from open formats to Microsoft-based formats. Great for all types of classrooms! With Google Drive students can create a variety of content. Students will need a Google account to create and share documents; this is the way Google assures that document access can be controlled by the creator.

What makes Google Drive different is the ability to share documents with others. If a student shares a document with their teacher, he or she now have the ability to not only view the document, but to make revisions or comments along the way.  The share and feedback feature is a really powerful teaching tool.

Instead of emailing documents back and forth teachers can go quickly to Drive, find and open the student’s paper in the Drive table of contents, and make comments and corrections on the student’s paper.

Google Drive also makes it easy to track revisions and a document’s history. After the teacher make comments on the students’ writing and they make changes, you can go back and trace the alterations they have actually made, step by step, over the course of creation. With a few minutes of review, the teacher will have a better sense of how responsive students have been to your feedback and perhaps see ways you can make your feedback more effective.

Google Docs’ create rich documents with images, tables, equations, drawings, link and more. sharing features enable you and your students to decide exactly who can access and edit documents. You’ll find that Google Docs helps promote group work and peer editing skills.

Teachers are using Google Docs both to publish announcements about upcoming assignments and to monitor student progress via an interactive process which allows you to give guidance when it might be of maximum benefit, while your student is still working on an assignment. Through the revisions history, you can see clearly who contributed to what assignment and when; if a student says he or she worked on a given project over the last two weeks, it will be documented.

Students will find that Google Docs can help them stay organized and keep on top of their assignments. They never have to remember to save their work; it happens automatically. It’s easy to collaborate online with fellow students, even when they aren’t in the same place, and they can get feedback easily from teachers, parents, relatives and tutors, and enter updates anytime from anywhere. And kids can go back to the revisions history to see how their assignment has evolved, and who has helped.

I think that both of them are very useful. They help to improve and make easier all the classes, what do you all think about this? Please tell me your opinions and also if you have more information about this topic!!