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In this post I will tell you about some useful Social Media!!

First I will tell you about Diigo. If you have Diigo you can save the information about web pages which you make some bookmarks; you can even see what other people’s bookmarks in those webpages. You also can create a group and in that group, you can talk some interesting topics with other people. I think that is really useful when you are studying. You can learn more about it in this post What Is Diggo and How to Use It.

Second I will tell you about Twitter. I read about it in this post What and How We Can Use Twitter. I learn that Twitter enables users to send and read “tweets”, which are text messages limited to 140 letters. I also learn that you can follow as many people as you like and have many followers as you can.  Twitter is called the SMS of the Internet and we are able to use Twitter on cellphones.

The third one is Google Hangouts.  I learn that with Google Hangouts you can hold conversations for up to ten people at one time over voice or video in a virtual room. If the friends who we want to communicate with do not have a Google account, we can also choose to call them in Google Hangouts. It only needs to pay a little amount of money to call. When chatting with other people on video in Google Hangouts, we can add Google effects which include sounds, backgrounds, headwear, eyewear, facial hair and props to ourselves and take photos. Besides, typing is available to exchange opinions for people. It has many advantages. You can read more about this in this post Google Hangouts.

The last one is Scoop it. You can learn about it in this really interesting post Scoop it- be your own master!. With this post I learn that Scoop it is a very useful website. It creates a new way for people which they need not spend too much time and establish their own unique style! The first major function is bookmarklet. You can install it in the browser toolbar and whenever you see interesting articles through the internet, click on this button and then the right side of the control panel you want to import appear. The second major function is Scoop it provides content authoring capabilities. It uses online media such as Youtube, Twitter, to decorate your articles. The third advantage is that Scoop it is expert in collecting resources. You can set whatever you want in suggested sources. As long as renew the latest data, it will be included in proposals for you to join at any time, more that an intelligence network.